Diabetes is also known as madhumeh /sugar problem.
No age is spared and anyone can develop diabetes. However, those with obesity, sedentary lifestyle and family history of diabetes are at the increased risk.
Diabetes develops when the insulin hormone (chemical in blood) is not produced or is not working properly.
Insulin is needed for utilization of sugar by the body. Hence in diabetes sugar accumulates in the blood.
The excess sugar leads to symptoms like increased hunger, weight loss, increased thirst, excessive urine, generalized weakness.
The excess sugar accumulates into various part of the body and in long term can damage the eye, kidney, nerves and heart.
Diabetes is also known as Silent Killer as nearly 50% of the patients are without any symptoms.
Few of them directly presents with the complications like non healing wound over the leg, amputation of foot (cutting of foot), kidney failure, heart attack, stroke and blindness.
Diabetes is the important cause of blindness, amputation, kidney failure.

So should we get frightened with diabetes?


It’s the battle with disease and patient can win the battle with use of proper weapon like modifications in the diet, regular exercise, medicine and regular checkup.
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