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In view of recent changes in the guidelines by Govt of India regarding telemedicine we are also starting online consultation. Let’s understand what is online consultation.

what is online consultation?

Online consultation is where patient communicate his/her complaints, queries and lab reports to doctor through technological tools and doctor advices to the patient through same tools. In simple words patient get doctors consultation without visiting clinic/ hospital.

what all comes in definition of online consultation ?

it includes phone call, what’s app, email, online app based communication and any other communication between doctor and patient which does not occur in clinic or hospital.

what is the legal status in India?

Previously Court had discouraged online consultations but recently government of India had issued guidelines to increase online consultations.

whether doctor should charge for online consultation?

Many patients think that doctor should not charge for online consultation. BUT ACCORDING TO GOVT OF INDIA GUIDELINES   ALL TYPES OF ONLINE CONSULTATION ARE CHARGABLE.
Even by common sense if we take any service we have to pay for it.

What are the limitations?

You should not use it in following situations

1 Emergency situations- Emergencies can not be managed online. In such situations consultation should be limited to only to know which hospital patient should visit.
2 if you can meet doctor in person it will always better.
3 The online consultation is based on information shared by the patient. So providing accurate information is the essential for proper consultation.
4 Sometimes even after online consultation you need in person consultation.
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